Industrial Products and Applications - archive issue - year XVIII, issue 2, march-april 2016

Versatile Servo Drive From PL Control Ltd and Granite Devices

The Versatile Servo Drive, VSD-E, is a multi functional OEM motor drive developed by the Finnish company Granite Devices Inc.

VSD-E drives brushless and brush DC servo motors in addition to stepping motors. Motors can be operated in position, velocity or torque control mode.

Wide input voltage range of 12-160 VDC with up to 20 A peak output current enable especially very high speed stepping motor applications.

The drive includes several advanced motion control features such as automatic homing function and axis safety limits which can be operated in limit-switch free fashion.

Software selectable control inputs include pulse/direction, analog ±10V, PWM and SPI serial interfaces. The drive is easily configured through USB by GDtool software and the most effortless motion control from PC is made possible by the means of SimpleMotion USB library.

Due to high cost efficiency VSD-E is particularly suitable for high precision OEM applications.


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