Industrial Products and Applications - archive issue - year , issue 7, november-december 2020

Double-spindle CNC Lathe RAIS-T202

RAIS-T202 is developed on base of standard CNC Lathe T 200 with appending of second spindle (counter spindle) on the place of tailstock and turret that allow work with two opposite spindles. The machine perform wide range turning operations on details on average serial production – mainly in the processing allowing interception of detail from the first spindle in the second and subsequent finishing of the other side of the workpiece. In standard lathes turning of detail and completion of machining requires manual intervention by an operator or using of manipulator / robot.

To process long details both spindles can operate simultaneously as work piece is snatched in both spindles.

Technical data for RAIS-T202:
- Maximal turning diameter - Ø210 mm
- Spindle nose: 1st - A2-6; 2nd - A2-4
- Drawtube (bar) capacity: 1st - Ø52; 2nd - Ø30
- Maximal spindle speed - 1st - 4500 rpm; 2nd - 4500 rpm
- Travels by axis: X - 165+10 mm
- Travels by axis: Z1 – 310 mm
- Travels by axis: Z2 - 470 mm

- Diameter, turret tool disk type, number of tool posts - 300mm, VDI3425/30, 8 pcs.
- Turning tool shank dimensions - 20x20 mm
- Maximal boring bar diameter - Ø32 mm
- CNC - Fanuc 0i-TD
- Weight - 3800 kg.


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