Industrial Products and Applications - archive issue - year , issue 7, november-december 2020


This is GEKA's latest machine which is characterized by the possibility of punching 2 holes on the profile wings in the form of a "T", double "T" or "H" at the same time.

The new designs of its punching head and its die base make the PUMA-110/2HI an innovative machine on the market.

This system is superior to the traditional simple punching, for it ensures a correct alignment and a correct distance between the hole centres and it does two punches every time the punching cylinder drops.

Punching power: 1100 KN
Max punching capacity: 2 x Ø25x15mm
Motor power: 9KW
Cycles per minute (20mm. stroke): 28
Maximum stroke: 80mm
Work height: 1050mm

Maximum available width 128mm
Minimum available width 32mm

Special die holder for double punching of HEA, HEB, IPE and IPN profiles

Profile Minimum Maximum
HEA 100 320
HEB 100 200
IPE 100 400
IPN 100 280


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