Industrial Products and Applications - archive issue - year , issue 7, november-december 2020

Renewed series of cam (rotary) switches type KK

GANZ Kapcsoló- és Készülékgyártó Kft. (Ltd. abbr. GANZ KK, Budapest/Hungary) has renewed the series of cam (rotary) switches type KK. A common disc controls the contacts of the two circuits in one contact chamber. Applied new technical solutions are: Cadmium-free contacts; strong metal shaft; easily accessible terminals with degree of protection IP 20 and with 300, 450, 600, 900 switching angle; aesthetic designed handle and front plate (with degree of protection IP 65 too); possibility of rear mounting on a real or by screws. It can realize delayed break contacts and hurry-forward make contacts. Connecting terminals can be linked vertically inside the same chamber. Versions of the equipment are: padlockable, switch disconnector, emergency stop switch, returning control operation, door-coupling. Type-sizes (with rating currents) are: KK0-20, KK1-32, KK2-40, KK2-63, KK2-80, KK2-115. Switching power 3-phase in category AC 23A: 7,5…45 kW. Opened or plastic-enclosed executions. Many switching standard programs and designed by request of customers.