Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021

Atlas Copco launches a full range of nitrogen and oxygen generators

Atlas Copco introduces 3 ranges of nitrogen and oxygen generators for on-site gas generation. With these innovative gas generators, companies can expand their existing compressed air installation to generate their own nitrogen and oxygen. An independent supply of on-site gas can realize significant economies of scale as well as save on operational costs. Atlas Copco's new range of on-site gas generators are designed to meet the highest purity standards and run economically for both large and small applications. On-site gas generation is more sustainable and cost-efficient than gas delivered in cylinders or bulk liquid supply, as it eliminates the operational and administrative costs ofordering, transporting, storing and delivering the bottles or bulk liquid incryogenic tanks. With an independent supply of nitrogen and oxygen, companies' gas demand is always met in time, at the lowest cost. KoenLauwers, Vice-President Marketing of Atlas Copco's Industrial Air Division comments: "With these new ranges of gas generators, our customers will dramatically increase their productivity. We help them to discover untapped saving potentials through economy of scale: combining their compressed air systems with the production of nitrogen and/or oxygen, serving their specific needs." Atlas Copco's membrane nitrogen generator (the NGM) is, thanks to its high efficiency and reliability, ideal for applications such as fire prevention, tire inflation, oil and gas and marine. The NGM uses membrane air separation to produce nitrogen. A bundle of polymer fibers acts as a membrane that allows nitrogen to pass and other gases (like oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide) to permeate. Compressed air goes in at the inlet and enriched nitrogen comes out at the other end of your nitrogen generator. Membrane technology generates nitrogen with an adjustablepurity between 95 and 99.5 % and flows up to500m3/h. For those applications that demand high purities of nitrogen (up to 99,999%) at a smaller flow, the Nitrogen Generator (NGP) with PSA technology is the recommended solution. Based on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, carbon molecular sieves adsorb oxygen molecules from compressed air. The Nitrogen Generator has two connected towers that work together to produce an almost continuous flow of nitrogen gas. The result: nitrogen purity levels from 95 to 99,999 % for flows up to 1100 Nm3/h. Typical applications of the NGP are plastic molding, machining, purging analyzers, electronics, fruit storage and food and beverage. Oxygen is vital to processes in the medical world, in waste water treatment, fish farming and ozone production. The OGP oxygen generator also makes use of PSA technology, with zeolite pellets that act as adsorbent. The output is oxygen with an adjustable purity between 90% and 95%, at flows up to 200 Nm3/h. Atlas Copco now offers on-site gas generators which can be directly combined with an existing compressed air installation.With an independent supply of nitrogen and oxygen, companies can start saving on the operational and administrative costs of bulk and cylinder gas delivery. These 3 ranges of nitrogen and oxygen generators offer exactly the flows and purities that different industrial applications need. This way, Atlas Copco becomes a one-stop-shop for compressed air, gas and service.