Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021

Drilling on inclined surfaces

The CrazyDrill program of Mikron Tool exists now for nearly 10 years. Whether it is a question of particularly deep holes, small diameters or materials difficult to machine, precision is always crucial for users of our high performance drills. Drilling work pieces not at a right-angle represents always a particular challenge for cutting tools. For such tasks Mikron Tool has developed a pilot drill for inclined surfaces, which affords in many instances a perfect pilot hole for subsequent drilling at an angle.

Centering or directly finish drilling; this represents no major problem as long as the tool hits the work piece at a right cutting angle. If the surfaces are curved or the drilling is applied at an angle, it becomes more difficult. In this case due to the resulting forces precise machining becomes a challenging task. The new pilot drill CrazyDrill Crosspilot has been developed to meet such challenges. In fact it can be used effectively for cutting angles with an inclination up to 65. Thus it reduces the up to now required 3 machining steps (flat milling centering drilling) to only two operations (pilot drilling long drilling) and guarantees a higher precision because of precise spot center drilling. Its characteristics: the compact and rigid construction guarantee for a perfect positioning accuracy. The cutting geometry is designed for sustained use. The 170 point angle stands for a correct piloting for the subsequent drilling and prevents breakage of the cutting edges. By using a CrazyDrill for the execution of the subsequent hole it ensures that no gauged step is recognizable and thus no post-processing is needed. The product range is matched to the already existing CrazyDrill product lines. Diameters from 0.4 mm to 6.0 mm are available from stock with increments of 0,05 mm. What is the advantage of this new product for the users? Now it is possible to perform without problems accurate inclined holes in most different materials, reducing at the same time machining operations by one step and thus saves time and money.