Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021

Erensoy presents latest technologies from And&Or and Nissei ASB Machine Co.

Erensoy, the official representative of And&Or S.A. in Bulgaria, helps the water filling companies in increasing their efficiency and reducing man power with And&OR's automatic plastic carry handle applicator machines and other dry side packing and palletizing solutions. And&Or's neck handle applicator systems carry out the insertion of neck handles on plastic bottles from 3lt to 20lt. It is based on a machine with linear movement and it is most appropriate to be installed on the packing line, onto the conveyor, and after the blower and before the palletiser. Erensoy also represents Nissei ASB Machine Co. in Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey. Nissei ASB's blow moulding machines with 1-step, 4 station technology is ideally suited to extreme custom moulding and non-PET applications. By utilizing the residual heat from the preform injection moulding process, energy consumption of the 1-step process is dramatically lower than that required for 2-step moulding. On the 1-step production, preforms are injected and cooled to below the crystallizing temperature of PET, but enough heat is retained to be blown without further re-heating. Since the preform is custom designed for each specific container, special features such as non-standard necks can easily be incorporated.