Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021

Erensoy will attend the K Fair 2013

Erensoy, official representative of Nissei ASB in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, proudly announces the latest technologies which are going to be presented in the K Fair 2013, Dusseldorf. A high-end addition to ASB's PF Series, PF24-8B, has currently the highest output machine in ASB's product range with 9000 bottles per hour (light-weight 500ml water bottle). It boasts its high output with particularly small space requirements. The heat-resistant PET containers molded by this machine enable either hot-filling or in-container pasteurization of a variety of food stuffs such as jams, pickles and pasta sauce, etc. The newly developed HSB-2M type can mold up to 4L capacity, 110mm neck diameter heat-resistant jars.