Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021

FANUC's new Fiber Laser as part of an integrated laser package

The new laser comes in addition to FANUC's existing CO2 Laser solutions which continue to possess advantages such as smooth edges on thick metal sheet applications. Otherwise, says Michael Kuhn, FANUC's European Manager for laser & CNC, the new FF3000i-A provides a good alternative. The main advantage, he says, is that FANUC can provide both technologies as part of an
integrated laser package that shares the same CNC, servomotors and drives. As with all FANUC products, both laser sources have been designed to minimise energy consumption.
Designed specifically for laser, the package's 30i-LB or 31i-LB CNC features laser-specific functionality that dramatically improves the efficiency, intelligence and quality offered by laser
cutting machines. Both these controls look and operate like any other FANUC CNC. As part of FANUC's seamless concept which leverages the benefits of using one common control throughout an entire factory , this makes them particularly easy to use and precludes the need for extensive operator retraining.
The FANUC CNC also opens up a vast range of options. The FS 30i-LB, for instance, controls up to 32 axes (24 simultaneously) making it ideally suited to 5-axis 3D laser cutting. Likewise, the FS 30i-LB delivers extremely high cutting speeds whilst ensuring maximum precision and superior edges thanks to its unique Puls Bottom Command. Very fast signal speeds provided by the FANUC FSSB Bus also mean laser output can be cranked up instantaneously to achieve extremely high-precision fly cuts. It also allows for control of laser output power in real time to enable best use of the effective CNC laser power control function when cutting quality contours at very high contouring speeds.
With a wavelength of 1.070 μm, the new Fiber Laser is in its element on applications involving thin sheet metal. For thicker material, the CO2 Laser provides the solution of choice. FANUC helps customers find the laser most suited to their own specific cutting needs. The real advantage, however, lies in the fact that both systems can be purchased alone or as part of an individualised package that delivers highly productive laser cutting. Adding tending robots is also extremely
straightforward thanks to the FANUC CNC's Robot Connection Function which completely dispenses with the need for an additional interface.