Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021


With the start of 2014 MachinePoint, the European leader in the sale of used plastic machinery, makes balance on income and losses and one fact is clear: the group continues to grow and innovate. With almost 39% of profits in 2013 and 24% in the previous year, a sum MachinePoint annual average of 31.5% over the past two years. A consistent and well-deserved promotion. In words of Cesar Rodriguez, CEO of the group, "this increase is due to the repeat customers who value the professionalism and dedication of MachinePoint in executing transactions, the alliance with the largest manufacturers of machinery in the world as well as the MachinePoint lends support to both them and their customers." MachinePoint began revolutionizing the business idea in Spain since its inception in the 90s, when it was established as one of the first companies "dot com ." The website of the company was largely responsible for its promotion as she walked through the 100% of the business in its beginning. "Now 50% are new customers who find there what they seek and the other 50% are customers who come back." For the coming years, MachinePoint has already defined objectives: continue offering their customers the same professionalism, expertise and reliability just as they have been doing until now.