Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021

Technology for sludge dewatering presented by AMCON Europe

AMCON Europe, which is a European subsidiary of Japanese company AMCON Inc., exhibited at WATER SOFIA 2013 for the first time to present its sludge dewatering equipment called VOLUTE and also to show its intention to enter the Bulgarian market. According to Sales Director Mr. Witmer, the exhibition was very positive and visitors showed interest about VOLUTE and the understanding of necessity to use sludge dewatering equipment to reduce their costs. Due to the fact that AMCON has been in wastewater treatment field for more than 30 years it was able to develop its VOLUTE Dewatering Press which provides many outstanding benefits comparing it with other conventional technologies. VOLUTE provides benefits such as low operational costs, 24-hour automated operation, clog-free construction, easy maintenance, small footprint, suitable for DAF sludge, wide variety of sizes, direct treatment of thin sludge, low noise and vibration and many more.