Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021

The Fieldbus Foundation presented its plan for development in Central and Eastern Europe

On 25 August, in Sofia representatives of the The Fieldbus Foundation presented its vision for the development of information technologies in the industry sector.
The Marketing Committee (FFCEEMC) explained the strategy of the foundation for increasing the popularity and use of standardized Fieldbus technology solutions.
The conference was attended by Borislav Mladenov, Executive Director Emerson Bulgaria, Ruediger Koch, Sales Director Stahl, Jozef Schulcz, Sales Manager Yokogawa, Jurgen George, Regional Sales Director Eastern Europe and representatives of the specialized media.
The Fieldbus Foundation is a global not-for-profit corporation consisting of leading process end users and automation companies. Within the Fieldbus Foundation, end users, manufacturers, universities and research organisations work together to develop an automation infrastructure that provides process integrity, business intelligence and open scalable integration in a managed environment.
The Fieldbus Foundation announced its willingness to provide information in the form of seminars, technical trainings and newsletters in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in native language the future.