Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021

The "Prize of Prizes" goes to Datalogic

The Award for the 2009 edition of the "Business Innovation Prize" was handed-over today by the Italian President of the Republic to the company from Bologna.

Datalogic S.p.A., a leader on the market of barcode readers, data collection mobile computers, RFID systems and photoelectric devices for the industrial automation industry, today received the "Prize of Prizes" directly from the Italian President of the Republic, the Honourable Giorgio Napolitano. The official prize-awarding ceremony was held at the Presidential Palace before the President of the Italian Republic, where Datalogic S.p.A., represented for the occasion by its chairman, Mr. Romano Volta and its CTO, Mr. Giancarlo Micheletti, received the Award in the Large Enterprise category, for the 2009 edition of the "Business Innovation Prize", as the enterprise that has skilfully expanded in Italy and worldwide through investments in innovation. Datalogic was chosen among a high number of Italian companies, thus confirming its continuous and growing commitments towards research and innovation. Datalogic's idea of innovation entails new products and new technological solutions, but also excellence in business management and in the choice of its partners and distributors. All this translates into a leadership on the reference markets and growth and expansion worldwide. The "Prize of Prizes" comprises a number of categories that include acknowledgements for innovation, assigned each year in Italy, amongst which is the "Business Innovation Prize", organized by the Italian Industrial Association, which aims at revealing and spreading organizational and strategic models, specifically targeted at growth through innovation. On receiving the honoured award, the Chairman, Romano Volta commented with satisfaction: "Awards such as these prove the excellence of the choices made over the years. If Datalogic is currently a leading manufacturer and reference contact worldwide in the relevant industries, it's thanks above all to the skills demonstrated in proficiently innovating and in managing the business efficiently and far-sightedly, often realizing changes before they actually occur". On the topic of innovation, Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic S.p.A. declared: "Innovation for our company is a true mission that translates into substantial and successful facts, offering quality products, protected by a fortune of over 850 patents around the world. Datalogic has also managed to innovate its business strategy, ensuring its direct presence in the most important and strategic areas of the planet, offering design, distribution and after-sales services, with great advantages in terms of competitiveness".