Industrial Products and Applicationsyear , issue 2, april-may 2021

WYKO, an ERIKS COMPANY, Establishes thermography department to target energy efficiency

A new thermography department has been established by WYKO, an ERIKS Company, in Tyseley, Birmingham. This new department will spearhead an energy saving initiative from the company as it aims to help its customers meet their Corporate Social Responsibility goals in the drive towards energy efficiency.
Thermography as a condition monitoring discipline has been a part of WYKO Electro Mechanical Services' (WEMS) offering for nearly twenty years. However, with the addition of the ERIKS know-how the huge potential of thermal imaging to save energy in other areas of a facility are to be explored.
Until recently WEMS use of thermal imaging concentrated on the traditional, predictive maintenance type electrical or mechanical applications. But, the new expansion of the service, in the words of Duncan Webb, Thermography Business Development Manager, means that: "We can now assess the integrity of a customer's building. We can look at their pipe work, heating systems, cooling equipment, windows, roofs, ovens, floors and spot areas of inefficiency. We can then offer hard figures which show directly the costs incurred by different types of heat loss and present the customer with recommendations, a quotation for repair work, and a follow-up survey to confirm that the work has solved the relevant problems."
Facilitating this new initiative has been a major investment in thermal imaging technology. WYKO has invested in FLIR's ThermaCAM P640 that provides the professional thermographer with the means to accomplish infrared inspections thoroughly, efficiently and quickly. It has a 640 x 480 pixels uncooled detector and provides an image resolution that is four times greater than that of a 320 x 240 model.
It also allows the thermographer to take an image at twice the distance away from the target as its predecessor without any loss of accuracy. Additionally, as more pixels cover the target the powerful analysis tools can be used with even greater potency.
As well as investing in equipment, WYKO has also invested in the training of its staff and it now has access to 30 thermographers, located throughout the UK, that are qualified to conduct thermographic surveys at a customers site.
Commenting on the new thermography initiative Duncan Webb says, "Our thermographers will now be proactive in using the technology and their skills to highlight areas of potential energy saving when they visit a site. Because of the way in which the surveys can be completed and payback calculated, in easy to read reports, it is then a simple decision for the customer to decide whether or not to take forward a recommendation. I believe the new thermographic department offers industry a great deal in its bid to improve its energy efficient performance and CSR standing."